We help mid-rise residential builders see their designs, needs, and projects through by providing a quality fenestration solution.

The Vistaza Advantage

A-Z Process

Controlling the process from start to finish ensures best-in-class quality and pricing.

See You Through

We focus exclusively on the mid-rise developer, delivering everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Comprehensive U.S. Certification

By delivering our windows with fully approved paperwork, we eliminate headaches. Ensuring that every window and element is up to code is an essential part of what we do.

Sweet Spot

High-rise windows are expensive and excessive. Low-rise windows are cheap and compromised. Our uPvc materials provide the highest quality at the wisest price-points.


We promise to bring to our clients the same clarity, efficiency, transparency, and value that our windows bring to their developments.

The Vistaza name itself promises to view challenges from a user’s perspective so that we may offer the best possible solution. We promise to always keep your end experience (Z) first and foremost on our minds (A). That is why we serve you:


Mid-rise residential developers


Multi-purpose projects


Mid-size commercial buildings

See Our Projects

Our Products

Fixed Window

When a fixed solution is what you need, our Fixed window allows you to see your needs through

Casement Window

To frame life means to see it through the right lens, and our Casement solution helps you do just that.

Patio Doors

Vistaza patios doors are a clear and better way to see and walk everything through.

Hopper Window

When the panorama of life beckons, our Hopper sees your needs through.




A more durable, low-maintenance, high-value material alternative to wood or aluminum.



Our acoustic systems reduce noise pollution for a more serene experience.



Concealed hinges make for a more pleasing aesthetic.



The right handle on things allows you to open your eyes and see dreams through.



Proficiency in manufacturing results in efficiency through everything.