Vi6 Series

Products & Features 

Attention to detail is found in best-in-class corner welds and concealed hinges. Produced by state-of-the-art machinery ensuring unwavering consistency. Subtle finishes result in absolute aesthetic appeal.

Vi6 Features

Our aesthetic appealing features and detail-oriented finishes result in top thermal, performance, safety, structural, and beauty ratings.


More than windows, our products optimize their environment and are one with the universe. Proficiency in manufacturing results in efficiency through everything.

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Built for mid-rise residential buildings, our NFRC ratings far surpass the required standards, often achieving Architectural Window quality grades even when a Commercial Rating would suffice.

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Our products allow for size, color, foil, and tint customizations to match your vision. Precise corners and detailed finishing completes every beautiful window.

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Everything you need and nothing you don’t

Fixed Window

When a fixed solution is what you need, our Fixed window allows you to see your needs through.

Performance Data
Performance Class CW-65
U – Factor 0.17  – 0.43
SHGC 0.15 – 0.64
OITC 25 – 40
STC 32 – 46
Water-Resistant 12.11 PSF
Air Infiltration 0.01 cfm/ft2 of frame
Design Pressure DP 65.16

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Inswing Windows

Casement and Hopper Windows

To frame life means to see it through the right lens, and our Casement and Hopper window solutions help you do just that. Aesthetically thin corner welds and concealed hinges complete every beautiful window.

Performance Data
Performance Class CW-65
U – Factor 0.18  – 0.40
SHGC 0.13 – 0.54
OITC 27 – 40
STC 33 – 47
Water-Resistant 12.11 PSF
Air Infiltration 0.02 cfm/ft2 of frame
Design Pressure DP 65.16

Additional testing available on request

Patio Doors

Vistaza patios doors are a clear and better way to see and walk everything through.

Performance Data
Performance Class CW-65
U – Factor 0.19  – 0.38
SHGC 0.11 – 0.48
OITC 28 – 39
STC 33 – 44
Water-Resistant 12.11 PSF
Air Infiltration 0.02 cfm/ft2 of frame
Design Pressure DP 65.16

Additional testing available on request

Panes, Not Pains

Our Argon-filled glass allows you to see more, while simultaneously securing you from the weather, elements, noise, and glare. All options come in low-E glass, and are available annealed, laminated, or tempered glass, with various thickness options for increased thermal rating and sound reduction.


Double Pane

Width (IGU) 15/16″
Total Panes 2
Outer Pane 5/32″
Space 5/8″ 
Inner Pane 5/32″


Double Pane

Width (IGU) 1.25″
Total Panes 2
Outer Pane 1/4″
Space 5/8 
Inner Pane 3/8″


Double Pane 

Width (IGU) 1.5″
Total Panes 2
Outer Pane 5/16″ *
Space 13/16″
Inner Pane 3/8″ *

* Laminated


Triple Pane

Width (IGU) 2 3/32″
Total Panes 3
Outer Pane 1/2″ *
Space 9/16″
Middle Pane 5/32″
Space 9/16″
Inner Pane 5/16″ *

Simply Beautiful

Our certified products allow for customizations to match your architectural vision

Nonstandard colors available upon request.

Foil Colors

Modern yet classic, our four color options can be spec’d separately for inside and outside, eliminating interior painting needs. Additionally, Continental™ Skai® foil laminates in Cool Color or Cool Color Plus provide longer-lasting exterior protection from extreme heat or cold.


Upgrade to GrayT glass for better protection, privacy, and comfort. Tinting can also result in higher energy efficiency.


Our state-of-the-art handles come in three magnificent colors, allowing you to get a firm handle on your project’s requirements.


Our grills are unique in that they are available in 3 widths and are placed both inside and outside the glass, with spacers between panes for added strength. Matching uPVC Glazing Bars are available in classic styles or custom patterns. 

A-Z Process

Controlling the process from start to finish ensures best-in-class quality and pricing.