When it comes to quality balanced by durability balanced by affordability, materials are quite, well, material. 

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride may be difficult to pronounce, but it’s very easy to enjoy. Better known by its easy-on-the-tongue abbreviation, uPvc, this manufactured material changes the game.

Like all great innovations, uPvc was born to solve a very real problem. Painted wood windows were too high-maintenance and expensive. Aluminum windows were way too expensive and, except for high-rise developments and skyscrapers, completely unnecessary to meet building and design requirements.

Thus uPvc. Incredibly strong and versatile, uPvc windows are also extremely low maintenance. This combination is due to the manufacturing process of uPvc. Vinyl polymer is bound to chlorine atoms, resulting in a synthetic material better than plastic and very friendly with other materials like steel.

The strength makes for a longer-lasting window. The versatility enables multiple uses and flexible applications. The low-maintence results in less work. The result is a more cost-effective window, with a higher-quality end product for mid-rise developers who do not require aluminum.

uPvc windows never require painting or finishing, and allow for custom surfaces. Wood frames will peel and need painting early and often. Aluminum is too cumbersome and expensive. uPvc looks great and is greatly adaptable to your needs.

If that is not enough, uPvc is highly energy efficient. The material lends itself to thermal sealing, and in itself is an efficiently manufactured raw product.

Vistaza is built on three words: See Everything Through.

Our uPvc windows help you see your plans all the way through.