Green. Sustainable. Efficient. Environmentally friendly. Decreased sound pollution. Increased quietude and serenity. These aren’t buzzwords.
These are truths we live by.


The world is moving in an “eco” direction, aspiring to leave smaller footprints on the way to becoming more environmentally friendly. Everyone expends energy. The key is to generate more energy than we expend. Heating and air conditioning causes energy wastage. Weak seals in building, apartment, or home house causes unnecessary energy and monetary expenditure.

Top-quality windows are crucial when it comes to saving energy and money. Thermal bridges, which let cool air in and warmth out, exist in every opening. Well-manufactured windows help mitigate this wastage. Our windows boast glass packages with double and triple panes, containing gas Argon or Krypton inside. This system stops flow and seals your environment.

U-value is essential in measuring window energy. Passive houses have approximately a U=0.14 rating. Standard windows have a U=0.2-0.3 rating. The difference is considerable. Double panes help us achieve maximal seal, saving energy and money.

Vistaza uses highest level materials, fabrication, and process. Recyclable materials, economized scale, perfected systems, and the highest values ensure that energy isn’t something we consume but something we optimize. Your savings will be outstanding with our Vi6 Series uPVC products, which are modern, practical, and a low energy solution in the market.

Reducing energy use limits the number of carbon emissions in the environment. Reduced emissions result in cleaner air quality, sustaining the resources we have, while creating a healthier planet.

And, remember, it helps lower electricity and heating bills, seeing savings through.

Passive House

Originally from Europe, the passive house concept has become prevalent throughout the world. PH is about reaching a significant energy demand reduction in the built environment. Two organizations administer and certify Passive Houses requirements: PHI and PHIUS, resulting in two different PH certifications. The most energy efficient buildings are those designed to retain heat from the sun in the winter, and keep homes cool in summer via shade use. A structure is certified passive once it fulfills air and energy requirements.

Solar heat and lighting is optimized during the day by creating conducive pathways for natural sun to strategically enter a structure – that is, through windows. Heat is retained through highly insulated glass and frame with low U-value (thermal coefficient).

Passive windows are now available for your home. They are usually triple glazes, which boast a very low heat transfer coefficient with great thermal insulation, meeting Passive House requirements. Our 6-chamber profile structure, coupled by a triple sealing system, ensures a net-neutral passive energy standard. We recommend a special edition of our Vi8 Series.

Sound Pollution OITC

The world around us is deafeningly loud. Cars, buses, planes, conversations, trains, barking dogs – we hear these noises all the time. Increased sound affects health and quality of life, especially when the blare is constant.

Our windows can help block these noises. The Vi6 Series reduces outside noise significantly, elevating the quiet and comfort of your home. Installed close to train stations and crowded streets, beneficiaries of our windows report marked noise improvement. A good window results in better lifestyle, focus, and frame of mind. To bring tranquility to your inner environment, be it building, home, or apartment, triple and double glazing may be used depending on surroundings.

OITC ratings measure sound intensity reduction in noise volume on exterior walls and are provided in decibels. Vi6 Series windows are certified up to OITC 40. Reducing noise pollution and increasing the quality of an inhabitants’ life is one way we see peace through.